Penerbit : Srikandi Empat
ISBN : 978-602-382-390-1
Penulis : M. Badrus Sholeh dan Noor Ahsin
Tebal : 303 Hlm
Jenis Cetakan : Book Paper, Black and Blue
Ukuran : 17,6 x 25 cm

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BUKU HEADLINE ENGLISH UNTUK SISWA SMP-MTs KELAS VII, Headline English 1 is a book written especially for junior hight school students that has been develoed based on curriculum 2013 revised edition as stipulated in peraturan mentri pendidikan dan kebudayaan No.24 2016. The text book is designed and developed to meet the need of today’s teenage learners of English.

Headline English 1 covers the skills of listening,speaking, reading, and writing, it also provides examples and exercises which are relevant to the students’ real life. The materials of the book are based on daily life contexts and match teenagers’ psychological propenssity.

Key features

– A wide variety of challenging, student-centered activities.
– Individual and collabborative work, both pair and group work.
– Scaffolding activities that guide students to use the language.
– Enjoyable materials for students.
– Practical expressions for students’ daily communication.
– Clear, attractive design with focus on having fun is clas.
– Communicative tasks to help students to develop their language skills.
– Clear learning target and objectives in each chapter.
– Purposeful and varied activities.
– Various and authentic evaluations covering self test and project work.
– Reflection to evaluate students’ learning progress
– Systemetic vocabulary list for each chapter
– games and songs

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Berat 457 g
Dimensi 17,6 × 25 cm


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